Top tips for preparing your home for sale

Tue 25 Apr 2017




Top tips for preparing your home to sell






Spring Clean




With a hint of spring in the air, there’s no better time than when selling your home to give your property a thorough deep clean, de-clutter, tidy up to get it looking its best when showcasing to viewers.




Eliminate unpleasant odours!




Does your home need a blast of air freshner?  Distinctive smells can put some buyers off, so make sure your house is fresh and clear of any over powering smells such as pet, food, smoke and damp aromas.




Fresh Flowers 




Flowers are always guaranteed to put a smile on anyone face, utilise daffodil’s or colourful flowers to set an inviting welcome into your home, especially in hallways, tables, mantelpieces.




Pay attention to outdoor areas




First impression really count, a buyer will see the exterior of your house and front gardens in the first instant, make sure these areas aren’t missed, tidy gardens, mow lawns, clear away bins, make sure fence panels aren’t bending over or missing. Viewers look here too.




Internal lighting




Make sure all your lighting has working bulbs and that any hanging light fittings have a shade rather than a bare empty light pendant – you want to make the rooms as warm and inviting as possible. Buyers like to see good light and not dark gloomy rooms.




Tasteful Décor




Does your internal décor need toning down? Most buyers prefer to see neutrally presented rooms, that they can visualise their own belongings and furniture in, rather than bold and individual colour schemes which might not be to everyone’s taste.




Those odd jobs




It’s time to fix and repair those minor jobs you’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. Re-grouting, peeling corners of wallpaper, scuff marks, blown window panes all get noticed, try not to give a buyer a reason to knock you down on price.